More information about the HaloRig

Which HaloRig is best for me?

Mini or HD? The Halo Rig Mini is designed for small cameras like any DSLR, iPhone, Flip and any other small form video cameras. The Halo Rig HD can accommodate a larger camera and accessories. They both have the same functionality, only difference being overall size. See our below for dimensions and more information.

Can I Add More than 1 Shoe Mount?

Yes, a universal shoe mount can be added to any of the 5 mounting areas standard (3 on the top halo, 2 on the cross support) on both the HaloRig MINI and the HaloRig HD! Add these to your order for all your accessories that use a shoe mount!

Do you have the HaloRig in stock?

99% of the time we have HaloRigs in stock ready to ship, most of the time same day! We do not wait for orders to start making your rig causing extra “handling” time. We know how important it is to get your equipment in time for your next shoot. Note: there may be a 1-3 day delay on large orders.

Will the Halo Rig work with my Camera?

Yes! As long as your camera is less than 10 lbs (most are) and can physically fit (most do) your camera will work on either of the HaloRigs. All HaloRigs come with 1/4″ mounting hardware which is the industry standard.

How much does the HaloRig weigh?

Both of the HaloRigs are lightweight, the HaloRig HD weighs 1 lb 12oz and the HaloRig Mini is 1lb 6oz.

What are the Dimensions of the HaloRigs?

The HaloRig Mini’s dimensions are 16″x12″ and the HaloRig HD is 19″x16″. They are both very rigid and built with the same lightweight materials.

How much weight does the HaloRig support?

The cross support on the HaloRigs can handle 10 lbs of weight, which is more than most cameras weigh. Any additional accessories can be mounted to the top halo to lessen any further weight on the cross support.

How does the HaloRig mount to a Tripod, etc?

The HaloRig HD and MINI have a flat bottom that makes its easy to attach accessories to the bottom of your rig. Please visit this article for more information: (coming soon)


Shipping information

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Need to Rush Your Order? Use the “Rush Order 1-2 days” shipping option while checking out and we will mail your HaloRig out within 24hrs via USPS 1-2 day Express Mail anywhere in the USA.

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Keeping it simple, we are covering the shipping! Your HaloRig order will be mailed out via USPS Priority mail – at no charge! If you need it faster use our Rush Order service listed above. Standard shipping is 1-3 days handling and approx. 4-7 business days to ship.